Saturday, November 1, 2008

Better Then ClickBank

A few days ago I came across a new affiliate marketplace called Click2sell. It’s a complete all-in-one system for merchants to sell products online (mostly digital products such as ebooks, software, etc.), run affiliate programs and recruit affiliates. It’s also an affiliate programs network for affiliates to select and promote products from Click2Sell Marketplace and earn affiliate commissions.

Click2sell is an affiliate network similar to Clickbank but actually they have far surpassed Clickbank in features and options for both sellers and affiliates. You can check them out right away here.

Click2sell is not just “another affiliate network”. Actually it’s fairly difficult to define, label, or categorize it as it’s a merchant platform, affiliate marketing portal, and online payment processor transaction coordinator, all-in-one solution which is easy to use!

According to various super-affiliates like Rosalind Gardner, Allan Gardyne, Zac Johnson, Garry Conn, Jim Karter and others, Click2Sell is like enhanced Clickbank (see their thoughts about Click2Sell in the end).

It’s therefore catered to both – merchants and affiliates. For merchants – Click2Sell coordinates sales via 3rd-party payment processors including PayPal, Moneybookers, WorldPay,, and Google Checkout and allows them to run their own affiliate program.

For affiliates – Click2Sell acts as an affiliate programs network, offering products and services that merchants make available.

Click2sell is an extremely powerful and useful platform. There are so many features and benefits that I won’t be able to speak about even half of them in this review, but here are some of the greatest benefits:

Benefits for Affiliates*

• Accounts are completely free.• If a returning visitor buys a product within 6 months - you still get the commission.
• Merchant Rating System - Each Click2Sell merchant is rated after each
payment for affiliates, so you can easily find the honest and reliable
merchants. If a merchant doesn’t fulfill an obligation, then they will
be quickly removed from the system. This means that only honest people
do business in Click2Sell.
• Receive up to 95% affiliate commissions - Merchants can choose the
rate of the commission up to 95%, there are a lot of offers out there
which pay a very high commission rate.
• Affiliates receive their commissions to Paypal or Moneybookers account.• Affiliates are able to contact merchants and vice versa: this is one
of my favorite features in Click2sell. You can contact merchant directly
and ask any questions you need.


If you use Clickbank then you will understand how big upgrade Click2sell reporting tools are for your campaign.

Real-time (!) reporting area of the control panel is very detailed. In fact, it is so powerful and specific-to-detail that it is split into 7 sub-pages: General, Daily Report, Conversion Report, Referral Report, Refunds, Transactions, and Keywords.

General Report shows an overview of all activities in one place using graphic chart including: your own affiliate earnings, earnings your affiliates, earnings from your referrals, number of visitors, sales, conversion rate, commissions fees, and profit to give the bottom line.

You can create different tracking channels to test various advertising options. You will not need to install complicated tracking scripts any more in order to track sales conversions. With Click2sell everything is made easier.
Referral Program*

Residual Income - get 30% from Click2Sell income paid by your referred member. You will be paid as long as your referred members – whether merchants or affiliates - stay active and sell products!

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