Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help during a slowing economy!

Have last week's developments with the US economy got you feeling spooked?

I don't blame you! What with the country's second-largest bank collapse PLUS a government bailout of Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac happening in the same WEEK, it's hard to know what to expect next!

If you're like the other small business owners I know, I'm willing to bet that, right this minute, you're on the fence about whether you should continue to invest in the tools and help you need to start your Internet business... or whether it's better to save your cash until things stabilize a bit.

And that's actually why I'm firing off this hasty post...

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Drop Shipping

I have been trying to get involved with online marketing. The best programs I've found so far has been drop shipping (Buy from wholesalers that will ship direct to you customers with your name and address as the return address). Most offer this service for free, and some may charge a small fee for packaging, or if you do not meet a minimum order. Drop shipping saves you the expense of having to buy lots of inventory in advance, and you don't have to pay rent on a offline storefront.

Here is some of the companies I use. All are completely free to join. Click on Name to join.

Ganobrand! (USA only - Coffee with Ganoderma or Hoodia

Genbucks (Worldwide - Herbal supplements - some are adult nature)

WMS Clothing (USA only - whole sale clothing)

Sunrise wholesale! (USA only - home goods and knick knacks)


There are many places to sell these items such as Ebay, and other online auctions. I've had the best luck selling on Just add your products on there site. To market your products on Amazon to others you can use the following link so your customer don't have to go Thur the lengthy search for a product your ASIN/ISBN # here/?tag=nosar-20

example ASIN/ISBN # B000N4PJA4

link would be:

To get the ASIN/ISBN # to insert log into your amazon seller account and click view my inventory each listing has a unique ASIN/ISBN number.